Shipping & Delivery

If you are local to the Four Corners area, Artesanos delivery team will bring your Comfort Sleeper sofa to you. We offer two different levels of service. 

- Free 'Curbside' Delivery: Artesanos will send a single delivery person to drop your sofa at the end of your driveway or curb. It will be up to you to move your sofa into your home and get set-up. 
- 'White Glove' Delivery: Artesanos will send two delivery persons to fully install and set-up your Comfort Sleeper sofa for you. All packaging will be removed off site. The cost for White Glove Delivery is dependent upon your delivery address and the move itself. The more complicated (stairs, tight corners, etc.) the move or the more involved a delivery is, is what will help us to determine the delivery cost. For an accurate quote, please give us a call at our shop. (970) 250-5755.

If you are not in the Four Corners area, your Comfort Sleeper will be delivered via. a freight carrier (UPS Freight, Southwestern Motor Transport, or similar). We offer three different levels of service for our non-local customers. 

- Standard Freight Delivery: (FREE) As the Comfort Sleeper is too big to ship using a small parcel carrier, our best option is to ship it to you using a common carrier. Truck freight is different than standard UPS, FedEx, or US Mail in that you will be responsible for carrying the product from the delivery truck into your house. It also differs in the fact that for "Residential" deliveries, you will be contacted by the shipping carrier to schedule a delivery appointment. Most freight carriers offer appointment windows (usually 2-4 hours) between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. This is the fastest delivery option and normal transit times are 4-9 business days, depending upon your location.

The most important thing to remember about motor freight is that you must inspect the package at the time of delivery. If the box has any damage, or if there is any reason for you to be at all concerned about damage, please write "PRODUCT DAMAGED" clearly on the sheet that they ask you to sign. This simply insures that if there is any damage, it will be easy to take care of the problem. This applies to our Standard Freight Delivery and Threshold Delivery options. 

- Threshold Delivery: ($375.00) The freight carrier will send a single delivery person to deliver your sofa through your first threshold. This will get your Comfort Sleeper into your home beyond the first doorway (threshold) only. In some cases, this will be considered into your garage or what a single individual can perform.  

- White Glove Delivery: ($500.00) We will have a freight carrier deliver to a local and reputable moving & delivery company in your area. The moving company will then handle the rest of delivery, install, set-up and packaging removal. 


As everyone knows, the freight industry is not known for their great customer service. In order to offer you the quickest delivery, we work with most common freight carriers. There are several carriers that we choose not to use, to bring you the best possible shopping experience. We hope that the carriers we do use will provide you with the level of service that is on par with that which you will receive while working with Artesanos. If your carrier did not provide satisfactory service, please let us know.